Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Witch Boots

My daughter came up to me several weeks ago and said, "Mommy, for halloween, I need some witch boots." Well, thank you Rosemary Gulledge (Applique Cafe) for making my daughter one happy girl with this design. She got her witch boots...

I paired it with some coordinating ruffled pants and it turned out super cute!
Remember Nguyen is a children's boutique clothing site that I have fallen head over heels in love with. They have some AMAZING sales several times a year. I recently hit the jackpot at their back to school sale where I got the next two outfits for practically next to nothing. They were in the clearance section, and then the site was having (in addition) a 40% off everything sale. If your kids are like mine and wear clothes that are in line with their age (or smaller) definitely order a size down. I've found these run a tad big.
How much did this girl's pants set put me back you ask? A whopping $11.39! Thanks to Applique Alley's 99 CENT simple pumpkin design (sale) and a free square patch, this turned into one cute fall outfit for Ella Kate!
And this longall for Noah cost me a whopping $9.30. I can't even make them myself that cheap!
This is my favorite! You can find it at Applique Frenzy.
I paired it with some cute corduroy pants and Noah is ready for the pumpkin patch.
The shirt I used for this outfit is a Monag shirt. I absolutely love these shirts as they are such a good quality shirt to applique on, however, if you ever have the opportunity to get one, buy a size SMALLER! These shirts run insanely large. Noah's shirt is a 2 and I have to roll the sleeves up a good 4 inches! I'm gonna try washing his on the hottest setting and drying with the hottest air in an attempt to shrink it a bit, but I guess on the bright side, we get 2 years wear out of this shirt without a doubt! I guess two out of my four have a good headstart on cute fall clothes. I better get moving on the others! Happy sewing!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do It Yourself!

Lately, I have a thing for do it yourself tutorials. It's amazing what you can find when you just google what you want. For example: I wanted to make a paci clip so I googled "pacifier clip tutorial" and this is the blog I came across: This & That. She does a little bit of everything. I've skimmed through sewing, photography, cooking. I mean, she seems to do it all!! The part I love the most is her tutorial link. That is where I found a tutorial on how to make a paci clip.

Not bad...
There are a few other tutorials on her website that I'm dying to try such as A Christmas Ball, A Hanging Letter, Magnetic ABC's, A Super Cute Binder, A Clipboard, Hostess Apron, and an Ouchie Bag...just to name a few. Such fun things and not enough time to spend doing it. Ahhhh...someday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Say What?

Do you ever get those orders where you sit back, and go "say what?" It doesn't happen too terribly often, but recently a friend of mine wanted a baby gift for a friend of hers. She says, "So I want a wipes case to match the baby's room." Ok, easy enough. No...she then goes on to say, "Well, here's the kicker: the baby's room is TENNESSEE orange, royal blue....and....PENGUINS!" I don't remember my exact reaction but I'm pretty sure it consisted of disbelief. So, I sat back at my machine and pondered how in the world I was going to pull this off in a cute kind of way. This is what I came up with...not bad....not my idea of cutesty baby....but not bad with what I had to go on :)

This next one had the stipulation of chocolate brown, green, and daddy is a hunter :) I LOVE it!
And what little boy doesn't like puppies...or as my Noah likes to call them-"woof woofs."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back To School

I got this cute school house from Applique Cafe. It was perfect for our back to school teacher gift!

You can put your school's name or initials above the door to personalize it even more!

Friday, August 6, 2010


My son Noah is starting MDO on Monday. I made him this napmat cover and it turned out super cute! This pattern is made to fit a Kindermat which you can find at Walmart or Target this time of year. I got the tutorial here. I love this website. So many fun projects that are so easy. Noah loves monkeys, so when we went to the fabric store he picked out a soft flannel with monkeys on it.

Somebody's ready for school!

This and That

I've been keeping busy lately with a few baby shower gifts. Seems everyone is having sweet little girls lately!
Love this Applique Cafe jellyfish!
This dress is called "Mary". I love it cause it's so simple to turn out. Sometimes I add a ruffle to the edge to frill it up.

This blanket turned out super cute but it's the last time I will attempt putting these fabrics together. Sewing knit, minky fabric and satin together is INCREDIBLY HARD! It all wants to slip and slide even when pinned. I've wanted to try this bib pattern I've had for months and finally took the opportunity. The chenille is something different and I like different :)

Can't have enough of these!

Happy Birthday to a sweet little 2 year old girl!

LOVE LOVE LOVE how this turned out! I think I'm gonna have to make one for my Maggie Beth.